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    Ebro Delta horse riding route

    ACTIVITY: Horseback riding route Horseback riding through the Ebro Delta Natural Park with a guide and a dream route. Family horseback riding excursion suitable for all ages, including children. It is a very fun, quiet route to enjoy the surroundings and the rice fields that we have in the Ebro Delta. During the route we are going to discover what cereal cultivation is like in these lands. As it is an annual task, depending on the season in which it is carried out, it will…

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    Paddle Surf Sup in the Ebro Delta

    The Ebro Delta is an ideal place to practice water sports thanks to its special meteorological conditions and characteristics, large stretches of beach, shallow waters, temperate climate. Essential elements to be able to enjoy, train and learn Paddle Surf. Paddle surfing is a form of sliding in which the practitioner uses a paddle to propel himself through the water while on a surfboard. Paddle surf course, where balance is the reference point to enjoy this unique sport. On a professional or recreational level, it is a very rewarding adventure sport and…

  • Ebro delta boat route
    Guided tours of the Ebro Delta

    Boat excursions in the Ebro Delta

    COMBINED ROUTE: Family activity in the Ebro Delta with vehicle and boat. Boat excursion in the Ebro Delta, starting by vehicle making several stops at points of biological, historical and cultural interest in the Ebro Delta Natural Park. The tour is combined with a boat sailing along the Ebro River, always explaining the flora and fauna. that we find, with the purpose of making a summary of the ecosystems and habitats that make up the natural park and transmitting the culture, history and traditions of our ancestors to the Ebro Delta. They also allow you to visit the mouth of the Ebro River, Riumar beach and the…