• Club Vela Riumar - School of Paddle Surfing and Windsurfing in the Ebre Delta - Tarragona
    Adventure Activities , Water Sports

    Riumar Sailing Club

    Riumar beach, located in the heart of the Ebro Delta, is a privileged place due to its meteorological and geographical conditions for all kinds of water sports and sailing. For this reason we want to make all these magnificent water sports available to everyone and encourage them to be able to practice them in such a favorable and safe environment. Delta del Ebro Sailing Courses is an ideal place to practice water sports thanks to its special meteorological conditions and characteristics, large stretches of beach, shallow waters, temperate climate and wind. Essential elements to be able to enjoy, train and learn dinghy sailing Dinghy sailing in the Ebro Delta,…

  • Club Vela Riumar - School of Paddle Surfing and Windsurfing in the Ebro Delta - Arroz
    Adventure Activities , Children Camps , Water Sports

    School Camps for Boys and Girls.

    We offer a day at the beach in the heart of the Ebro Delta practicing adventure sports and/or educational workshops related to the ecosystems that make up the Natural Park. They are dynamic activities where the group of participants is divided into small groups, the participants rotate for each sport. Where a different activity is carried out and all the participants enjoy many activities on the same day, as each activity lasts approximately 1 hour, the participant does not get tired of the activity or workshop and the learning is much more effective and the group interacts month with the activity . Activities on the beach or educational workshops related to ecosystems…