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    COMBINED ROUTE: Family activity in the Ebro Delta with vehicle and boat. Excursion by boat in the Ebro Delta, it begins in a vehicle making several stops at points of biological, historical and cultural interest in the Ebro Delta Natural Park. The Tour is combined with a boat navigating the Ebro River always explaining the flora and fauna that we find, in order to make a summary of the ecosystems and habitats that make up the natural park and transmit the culture, history and traditions of our ancestors to the Ebro Delta. They also allow you to visit the mouth of the Ebro River, Riumar beach and the Llacuna of…

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    Guided tours of the Ebro Delta

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    The Ebro Delta, is located in the south of Catalonia, covers two regions, Montsià (Capital Amposta) and Baix Ebre (Capital Tortosa), belong to the region called Terres de l'Ebre. The delta was formed more than 4000 years ago with the sediments carried by the Ebro river, which is the determining geographical element in its natural and human evolution. Being currently the third most important bird reserve region in Europe (more than 350 different species of the approximately 600 known today in Europe have been detected. It has a total area of 320 km², of which 80% It is a monoculture of rice, a phenomenon that makes this crop part of the character of the delta, both at a landscape, economic, and human level. It must be said that this cereal began to be cultivated from 1837, with population influences...