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    Riumar Sailing Club

    Riumar beach, located in the heart of the Ebro Delta, is a privileged place due to its meteorological and geographical conditions for all kinds of water sports and sailing. For this reason we want to make all these magnificent water sports available to everyone and encourage them to be able to practice them in such a favorable and safe environment. Delta del Ebro Sailing Courses is an ideal place to practice water sports thanks to its special meteorological conditions and characteristics, large stretches of beach, shallow waters, temperate climate and wind. Essential elements to be able to enjoy, train and learn dinghy sailing Dinghy sailing in the Ebro Delta,…

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    Seafood tasting from the Ebro Delta with traditional fishing activity

    We carry out different workshops, specifically on the Riumar beach in our facilities, it is a very fun and entertaining way to get to know the Delta, so that the participants can learn about the traditional way of fishing in the Ebro Delta and the life customs of our ancestors. in addition to discovering the different ecosystems that make up this magnificent setting and explaining the aquatic life of the fish and shellfish on our beaches in the natural park. DELTA DEL EBRO SEAFOOD WORKSHOP WITH TASTING AND WINES FROM TERRA ALTA Participants will fish for shellfish on the beach and learn how shellfish is extracted from the Delta del Ebro Natural Park with the help…

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    School Camps for Boys and Girls.

    We offer a day at the beach in the heart of the Ebro Delta practicing adventure sports and/or educational workshops related to the ecosystems that make up the Natural Park. They are dynamic activities where the group of participants is divided into small groups, the participants rotate for each sport. Where a different activity is carried out and all the participants enjoy many activities on the same day, as each activity lasts approximately 1 hour, the participant does not get tired of the activity or workshop and the learning is much more effective and the group interacts month with the activity . Activities on the beach or educational workshops related to ecosystems…

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    Adventure Activities , Children Camps , Water Sports

    Summer Camp for Boys and Girls

    We organize a summer camp with the intention of promoting adventure and sailing sports that can be practiced on Riumar beach, combining outings to points of interest in the Natural Park, with the aim of transmitting the culture and traditions of the Nature Park. ACTIVITIES WITH CHILDREN: Paddle surfing, kite surfing, windsurfing, Kaiak, beach volleyball, water volleyball, beach soccer, gymkhanas on the beach and guided visits to the natural park. SCHEDULE: from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Shuttle service from Deltebre to Riomar (consult) The participant must bring a pack of 6 bottles of water. The participant must bring sunscreen and swimwear. PRICES:1 week: €852 weeks: €1301…

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    Guided tours of the Ebro Delta


    1-WELCOME We have designed this interactive map to offer our customers the chance to easily get to know a small part of our company and the wonderful surroundings of the DELTA DEL EBRO NATURAL PARK This circuit is a guide, an invitation to visit these places so specials, you will find recommended stopping points and through a QR you will be able to expand your visit with information of interest. There are 5 essential points and during the tour look at the information panels that are there if you want more information, it is a circular circuit of 5.24km without difficulty and suitable for all audiences We start from our base, DELTANATUR Complex. Deltanatur is a company…

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    Company: Deltanatur / Club Vela Riumar. Telephone number: 606 74 40 58 / 977 10 56 30. Address: Paseo Marítimo, S/N, 43580 Riomar, Tarragona Web: https://deltanatur.es/E-mail: reservasdeltanatur@gmail .comLocation: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Deltanatur